What is “Mo Wellness?”

Before I define “Mo Wellness” for you, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Maurice, but my close friends endearingly refer to me as “Mo.” I was born and raised in one of New York City’s five boroughs: the Bronx. As an adolescent, I became very aware of the chronic health issues that were plaguing my community. From asthma to obesity to diabetes, I knew (or knew someone who knew) someone suffering from these illnesses. The fact that my borough had some of the highest chronic disease rates in the country intrigued, and more importantly, bothered me.

During my undergraduate years, I studied biology and other factors that determined the health outcomes of individuals and communities. Realizing that overall health is partially driven by the social and physical environments in which people live, I decided to dedicated my life to improving those conditions. The creation of “Mo Wellness” is the result of that passion.

If you’ve made it this far, then congrats! I’m about to dig up the lede.
“Mo Wellness” is a play on my nickname (“Mo”) and the words “more wellness.” In essence, Mo Wellness is a health-focused brand and movement that aims to incorporate “more wellness” into the lives of every day people.

Wellness is an untapped area for unlocking human potential. I envision a community (and eventually, a world) in which individuals are living harmonious lives in accordance with the 8 dimensions of wellness:

1. the physical
2. the intellectual
3. the emotional
4. the social
5. the spiritual
6. the environmental
7. the occupational
8. the financial

What am I doing on Medium?
The purpose of this blog is to provide education on topics related to health and wellness. Through motivational consulting, nutrition counseling, and personal fitness training, I hope to bring power and peace to your life (and mine).

Let’s connect and build together!

More Wellness, More Life.

Mo Wellness is a health-focused brand/movement that aims to incorporate “more wellness” into the lives of everyday people.